Friday, August 26, 2011

Polished/Dyed Concrete

The process was a week long and fairly intense, but the result is even better than I had expected.  I love this floor.  For me, it was the perfect choice for a walk-out basement.  There will be a mud room, bathroom, media/family room, laundry room, wine room and a studio-style guest room all on this floor.  My favorite aspect is that we now have one solid floor surface throughout the entire space.  It makes everything feel cleaner, larger and more open.  So much for coloring inside the lines.  Bravo Deco Pour!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Medicine

The beach is always good medicine, and Lucy hauls ars.  Somehow I missed a photo of Anna, maybe those were the ones I took without the SD card in.  I was tired.  I feel better now.  I love our family.  I love our beach.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What happened to Liz's blog?

OK, no excuses, but we are wild-haired over here.  My self-diagnosed OCD is in full effect as our entire house is covered with a layer or two of each of the following dust: sheetrock, plaster, aspestos(hoepfully not), wood, cobweb and concrete.  I'm also following our ailing dog around with a vacuum as he is shedding at record pace.  I am seeing progress.  The house is 90% replumbed, 50% rewired, HVAC is being cleaned, repaired and furnace replaced by Mercurios in Tacoma.  Black aluminum Milgard windows for the basement are on order.  I will be ordering doors from Fircrest Door for finishing off a bedroom space in the basement today.  Our concrete floors are being diamond polished and dyed granite black by Deco PourMy electrician is the only sub keeping me sane and my plumber might move in when he's done here.  As it is now, I have to give him rides to work occasionally (no, he does not have a web site...).  So, my apologies to my friendly little (very little) blog audience.  Life is full and in full effect, and if you are wondering what the kids have been doing...

spiral tie dye t-shirts