Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

What's with our Charlie Brown/National Lampoons tree this year?

  • 2 hour drive into the woods with 2 kids

  • a potty training Henry

  • wrong tree farm gate key

  • a short hike into the woods to the first unsuspecting Hemlock we stumbled upon

  • it was either this or a Christmas Fern, we were coming home with something or we would have heard about it from the backseat for 2 hours

Henry awoke from his nap that day and walked out to see the tree standing in the living room and declared, "this is a good tree Dad".


Patience said...

I love your Christmas tree lighting.

malia said...

Lou...this picture makes that tree look amazing:) Everyone who can should make the trip to see the tree in person. The picture doesn't do it justice. It really is unforgettable (but so worth not having to explain to Henry why he didn't get a tree in the forest).

Jessie said...

Ellen: "Clark, Audrey is frozen from the waist down." Clark: " That's all part of the experience honey."
(We are big Christmas Vacation fans over here so Geno and I loved this post). So classic Liz. Will be a great story to tell Henry at future holidays.

pati said...

Al and I loved your Christmas Hemlock! Especially the cool way that Henry placed all his ornaments in one spot and you left them when he could reach them. Fun holiday memories.

edwards said...

I love you guys. This is awesome.