Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where's Lucy?

Been doing a lot over here...too much really, just not any 'blogging'. Sorry Henry and Lucy fans. I'll try to catch up this weekend at the beach!

Officially crawling - this afternoon I said to Henry, "where's Lucy?" I knew I would find her, but wondered what she would find while I wasn't watching. Well, at least this time I was in the clear.
In other news; Henry got a haircut today (by someone other than me - his first), I booked flights to see both Jessica and Megan in June and cannot wait for those trips now! and last bot not least, Malia is having a boy!

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Heidi Bruch said...

Yeah!!!! I KNEW it would be in the next few days! Voila! Love you guys. PS - Hayden's party is 6-20. Hope you aren't travelin':-)