Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Love a Good Garbage Man

Wednesday morning is the most exciting morning of the week at our house. The Garbage Man comes. One day we ran into him at Starbucks and after introducing ourselves and practically asking for his autograph, he asked for our address. Ever since, he not only waves, but honks if he doesn't see the kids in the window yet and gives them a chance to wave back. He and his partner are awesome. They will be getting a big batch of cookies this Christmas.

We've yet to win over the Yard Waste Man, whose indifference just about brings these two to tears every Wednesday.

Starbucks finds yet another way to make us happy in the morning.


Freeman said...

Liz - you should send a screen shot of this blog post to the Yard Debris Company manager - I think he/she'd might be 'interested' in this indifference.

Lisha said...

Adorable. Seriously, you just made me smile - thank you.

Heidi Bruch said...

This is so Hayden. This is our Monday mornings. Hayden is "helps" dad bring the garbage to the curb. It is the little things:-) Glad to hear it is universal entertainment:-)

malia said...

hope you've sent a letter to his boss (give him a raise!). sounds like a keeper!