Monday, November 2, 2009

One Wild Halloween

This was a wild Halloween in a lot of ways. We have certainly never put so much effort into this Holiday before, but I think we had a lot of fun this year.
We started Oct. with a trip to the Pumpkin patch with the Torrones and Tookie and Grandpa.
Friday: Swine-flu vaccines rewarded by an Awesome Halloween care package from Meg and Kelcey complete with Pumpkin whoopie cushion.
Halloween: All the cousins were in attendance, including a visit from Grandpa Al's Cousin, Sister Yvonne and our friend Sister Mary. We entertained many stoppers-by throughout the day, in true open-house form. Having time with Simon and Anna and Gabrielle this weekend was so wonderful it fills my eyes with tears even as I think of it. I love them like no-body's business! Their parents are OK too.
Buz's Sugar high in full effect. "To infiniby and beyond!"
One monkey's sugar crash.
One high-larious costume contribution by Grandpa Al and Grandma Pati. Good sports.
Dr. Craddock's famous Magic Show at 7:00.

And the memory I chose to remember from the whole weekend: a very sweet and short trick-or-treating expedition with Malia, Will and Charlie that started with one tiny elephant (Will) letting himself into a neighbors living room and ended with us all being invited into another's, complete with Halloween Village (vaguely reminiscent of Freakshow's Living Room). Fun for all ages!


Heidi Bruch said...

What a fun mommy you are! Cutie Patootie's over at your place - loved to hear all about the fun you had! Wish we could find the swine flu vaccine around here...

Scott and Heather said...

All of the costumes look great! It looks like a wonderful weekend.