Monday, April 19, 2010

Donuts and Derby

Before we left town on Sunday, we got to visit with Grandma Mimi, my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins. Jessica and Chris brought news of a baby on the way and Matt brough his old crash derby car game from 1983 or so. Lot's of fun all around!


jessica said...

wow - i LOVE that first photo.
It needs to be preserved FOREVER.

Love you guys!

Lisha said...

That first picture brought me some tears. SO sweet.

Lorraine said...

Liz, This is the dearest picture of Mimi & Little Lou. I think you should have it enlarged and framed for all to see and entered into a contest! It is spectacular. You timed it just perfectly.
Grandma Lorraine

Liz said...

Funny it turned out as it did, I was holding her at the time and snapped it with my free hand without looking. Lucky.