Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Newest Inductee

Colin, it was 'moved', 'seconded', and the motion was 'passed'. You are a most welcome addition to the T-Town Playgroup. For the record, it was a unanimous decision. Thanks for letting us visit today Sarah. It was so fun to see you and meet fresh-faced Colin...easily the best day of my week!

Voting Body, Tacoma General Cafeteria


Heidi Bruch said...

Oh my goodness, makes me SO SO SO much more excited for our new little one - he is a handsome one!

malia said...

Oh, Heidi...these pics are delicious but he is even better in person. So sweet. I can't wait to visit him again! Thank you Sarah and Mike for having a baby for us to gush over :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for coming by to visit guys! Cant wait until I am recovered and can get back into playgroup again!