Friday, July 16, 2010

Girl Talk (aka: The Best Dollar I Ever Spent at a Garage Sale, Ever)

Spin 1(Liz): "Do 25 sit ups in 1 minute." - done and hilarious

Spin 2 (Henry): "If you won a million dollars, what would you spend it on?" - "a truck full of waterguns"

Spin 3 (Megan): "Call a boy and sing him your favorite song." - Pete O'Connor was the lucky recipient of this "California Girls" call.

Spin 4 (Liz): "Make another player laugh." - back to sit ups, I knew that would do it.

After the game ran it's course, Henry's fortune cards fortold that he would, "have 3 children, marry a girl named Megan and honeymoon at Tookie's Beach House. After 4 years at a dead-end-job he would end up in law school and also win the lottery, allowing him to buy his dream car, a Chevy Silverado."
For fear of having to wear a "zit sticker", ice cubes were down shirts, funny faces were held for 30 seconds, and prank calls to our favorite boys were made. This game is in the dictionary under the word, "awesome".

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H.D.O. said...

Can I come over for Girl Talk? Sounds like the best game, ever.