Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take it Easy (or Twilight to Henry James)

(Embarrassing) Truth #1: The Twilight Series were the first books I had read in 8 years.
Truth #2: They are good. Really good.
Truth #3: They have me reading again.
Feeling a bit guilty about the above admissions, shortly after completing this terrible and wonderful series I moved onto a classic I always wished I had read, Henry James' "The Bostonians".
This is a different kind of 'book' entirely. It is taking me 10x as long to read, but I find myself going back to reread sentiments I love. This is my current favorite:
...the simplest division it is possible to make of the human race is into the people who take things hard and the people who take them easy. He perceived very quickly that Ms. Chancelor belonged to the former class.
I love this and will forever endeavor to belong to the latter class. Take it easy.


H.D.O. said...

Don't feel badly. The last book I read through was the Harry Potter series, and I've tried to pickup several 'sophisticated' books since then, and end up spending far too much time reading them -putting them down-forgeting about it-then trying to start it all over again.
This sounds like a good read!

Jenn said...

Oh Liz. I did the same thing! My dad got me a Kindle while I was in Seattle and I broke down and sampled the Twilight series...then bought all 4. But, it also got me reading again as well. So I guess that is the important thing! :)