Sunday, October 3, 2010

Three Cheers for NICU Nurses Everywhere

(Corinne Ebersole)
After visiting my cousin's new baby in Emanual's NICU in Portland yesterday I was reminded of our time with Henry in Tacoma General's NICU. I saw this etched into the wall of Emanual's NICU and was compelled to snap a shot. So, here is my shout out to NICU nurses everywhere, some of you are my best friends, some of you saved our son's life, some of you have done the same for my friends' babies and now my cousin's. We owe you more than you can imagine and we appreciate the delicate and unyielding job you do. Three cheers for NICU nurses everywhere! And welcome Miss Corinne, you are a sight!


katylou said...

Hey Liz...I just put 2 and 2 together and realized that you are the mama who used to do the you know Emily Roy? I went to HS with her and Malia (saw the link to this post on her blog) and went to nursing school with Megan Prentice. And I work in the NICU at TG. Such a small world! Your family is adorable!

Blue Llama said...

Beautiful quote!

Liz said...

Hey 'katylou'! Yep...know and love them all. Hopefully we will run into you one of these days too.