Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Good Beer

A really good beer.  I'll preface this next comment by saying that I am at heart a bourbon girl.  However, this is the best beer I have had in my 10+ years of eligible drinking.  Now I understand beer guts everywhere.  I had it for the first time on Thursday, thought about it twice since then and had a second tonight.  I know, my restraint is impressive.   


Meg said...

I say to Ryan very often (maybe too often, and maybe that should worry me)...'I wish I liked bourban. Because I would feel like such a cool chick if I did.' I always knew I liked you. Just like I like a good buzz. Cheers.

McDougall said...

Let's go out Meg. I'll turn you into a cool bourban chick whether you like it or not!