Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meg's Hen Night

This day next week, my sister will be Mrs. Megan Mead.  We celebrated as such.  Her friends are wild.  I loved it.
We all wore these (What About Bob?) shirts.  We golfed, were picked up by a party bus, hit the Tulalip Casino, had a wine tasting contest in the hotel, dinner at Purple, dancing at Fado and leftover Dick's Cheeseburgers in the rooms with a lingerie breakfast the following morning.  It was a marathon.  I finished, although my age was a factor.


Danielle said...

Way to be a trooper Liz! Looks like fun :)

Freeman said...

you guys are 'crazy/nuts' ...wouldn't expect less - dad

Sarah said...

Man, I could use one of those hen nights:)