Friday, November 18, 2011

We are so lucky... have been raised amongst catalogues. (<---watch me)

I am having so much fun flipping through all of the catalogues this year.  Full of ideas, Christmas wishes and memories.  I don't care if I'm early this year...I'm in the the spirit.  Our adopted family is not going to know what hit them this year.  I feel the Christmas Crazy coming on. 


Heidi Bruch said...

Amen. I bought the makings for a gingerbread house today-I am already Christmas crazy! Xo

Joia Poort said...

I think it's the lack of summer as I'm also deep in the spirit. We need something to look forward to with the dark days and nights and cold summer. Christmas is the cheeriest time of year!

Meg said...

Thank you for in show. Truly...the best in show.