Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the Details

That's where it is folks.  Here are a few b and a's.  Keep in mind, these are micro-projects (Oct-Present), the result of very little time and very little money.  I think they make at least a very little impression.  What do you think?

 Stovetop before

 Stovetop after

 old Knocker, new paint

 new "Mail" paint to match the Knocker

 new lighting for the Front Door

 Lucy's Closet before

Lucy's Closet after

 Basement Fireplace before

Basement Fireplace after, with new gas log from Custom Fireplace Screen Service in Tacoma


Freeman said...

I think this cronolog of before/after is fun - and amazing. But I know there's much more that you haven't (yet) shown. You guys inspire me.

Sarah said...

Everything looks so good! Loved getting the tour last week. I will need to stop by periodically to get updates! Walk this week?

Sarah said...

Had to come back to say Lucy's closet is adorable. Love the fabric.

McDougall said...

Ready for that walk any day this week. You name it.