Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So sick.  So motivated. The weather has been nice.  Cold, but not raining, and I have been out in it weeding, thatching, fevering, hoeing, raking, sneezing, moving dirt, spreading gravel, installing gates, sweating, panting painting.  I am attempting a mini makeover on the driveway...and I can't let up.  I'm close.  I feel like "S".  Wish me luck.


Meg said...


Freeman said...

Fold up shop and go sit in a chair with a cup of tea - what is wrong with you?!! Dad

Jen Roers said...

I agree with Dad Freeman!!

H.D.O. said...

I recommend Hot Toddies.
They do wonders for the common cold and help you to relax indoors a bit longer.
We like to use Powers whiskey!
Take care!