Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012!

Expecting an MTV link?  Wrong blog.  This year, we went to the beach.  John and I got the flu pretty early on in the week, but were determined to live it up for the kids.  We made Easter brunch, complete with fry-daddy donuts, eggs benedict and a waffle bar.  There were 6 adults in attendance.  We did it anyway.  We rode bikes to Beards Hollow and saw swamp snakes.  We ran with Maggie on the beach.  We putt putted.  We buckled illegally while we brought an antique cabinet back from Astoria (new game storage).  You name it, we did it.  Now, I have pneumonia.  Seriously.  Any wonder?  Of course not, but it was worth it.


Bastron said...

Oh no Liz, sorry to hear you got sick. Was that right after we left and all week long? You poor thing. You are a trooper for sure. Thanks for the great time. I'm still dreaming of those doughnuts.

H.D.O. said...

Wow, you look great for feeling so bad and sounds like everyone had a good time. Feel better soon!

Ali said...

Oh dune jumping. Love you guys.