Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Job

I don't talk about my 'other/real/corporate' job very often, probably because it's not really much of any of the adjectives listed here.  However...I like it.  I do think it's important.  And my boss is a dream.  I am a fireman of sorts, putting out educational domestic fires between students of families in-need and their government subsidized tutors (who happen to work for us).  Sound boring?...well, read this.  This is the kind of e-mail I get at least twice daily.

"Also - I don't think I ever mentioned it, but one
of my students had an Alaskan grey wolf that sometimes liked to chew
on my arm while I was tutoring - not something I ever expected when I
took the job! She never bit me but it was sort of disconcerting..."

Not sure what is more wacky:
  • I am not at all surprised to be reading this
  • The tutor had never mentioned it before (maybe she's a Twilight fan)
  • I expect to read something similar in about 2 hours from another tutor
Have a nice day at 'work' all, whatever that may be!


Lisa Foster said...

OMG, that's hilarious. She clearly was a team Jacob fan.

Heidi Bruch said...

Omg. That's all I got. Omg.

Sarah said...

Um, why does this not surprise me!?