Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our New Address

TCGC.  Before Junior Golf are Tennis Lessons, then Swim Lessons, then SNAG Golf for Lucy.  Between the Nitrates (hot dogs), Alcohol (Chard) and the Chlorine, I have really pickled myself this summer.  And developing the sun wrinkles to prove I've been a good observer.  Now I just need to start smoking and I'll officially be turning 65 on my next Birthday.  Here's to that Social Security check coming early I guess.
In more uplifting news, Lucy learned to swim swim this last week.  She beats every little pool snot that wants to race her...without using her arms.  I hear from her swim coach that if she ever does learn to use her arms, she'll be ready for level 2 with the big kids.  Next year I might even be able to bring a book to the pool.  Nice.


Dana said...

We love your summer address, means we get to see more of the McDougalls!. Bring on those wrinkles, we drink enough by the pool, we won't care we have them.

jessica said...

Woohoo little swimmers and golfers!!

Freeman said...

Lucia ... you are AMAZING ... you should be in London competing!

Grandpa is super proud of you!