Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Growing Up

When I lapse from the blog for a while, I usually ask myself, "What have we been doing?"  I'm sure everyone has a pretty good idea, they're doing it too.  But in reading this story to the kids the other night I really connected to this paragraph about a little girl who decides very early on what she wants to do in life.

I think of this every night now as I pick up their dirty clothes off the floor while they are in the tub, make sure the homework is in the right folder, make lunches for the next day and get ready to read to them.

"In the meantime Alice got up and washed her face and ate porridge for breakfast.  She went to school and came home and did her homework.  And pretty soon she was grown up."

I hope to God it doesn't come as fast as this with our kids, but somehow I already see it happening.  I'm going to kiss the young, round, fatty parts on their face in the morning.


Heidi Bruch said...

You gave that book to Hayds. W love it and talk about you everytime we read it. Welcome back to bloggity blogging. I hope you stay a while:)

Brooke said...

You made me cry and it's not even 7am.