Monday, January 26, 2009

Skate Slang

Diamondz- (Die-Mond-s) Adj. A super smooth or perfectly executed trick. "Man that kickflip was diamondz."

Smooth- (Smoo-th) Adj. A trick that is performed above normal standards, but not quite diamondz. "Man, that nooseslide was smooth."

Sketchy- (Sket-chee) Adj. A trick that needs some work, or looked not so nice. "Man that boardslide was sketchy."

Man, we're learning. A good start is to begin every sentence with man. So, we've got that down.


Freeman said...

Henry that was so cool - you make Grandpa laugh. Since I'm too old for skate slang - I can only say I think you are 'amazing'!

pati said...

I love it! Great Trick Henry! Learning to skateboard inside is a real trick....