Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teething and Monkey Butt

Lucy has been suffering these past few days with a bad acid poo rash, easily healed with a little air and powder, until the next poop that is. TMI, I know, but this is for you Moms out there that might be experiencing this now or in the future. I have searched far and wide on the WWW for an answer to the tiny buttox that has been red and sweating blood at our house (Yes, I said sweating blood, that's acid). What I have learned is this: babies who are teething produce and swallow more saliva, making their poop very acid...like the Joker acid-vat acid. Lucy is teething for sure, just got her 3rd tooth today after naptime. But she is not drooling a ton. Which means, she is probably swallowing all that drool. Poor babe. Moxie is a cool lady who coined the phrase, "monkey butt"...a sure sign to me that this is what we are dealing with.
Below is Henry's suggested solution for Lucy's Rash ("go ahead and drool girl!")


onehm said...

I read your blog now and then (found you from Ali) and wanted to let you know what worked for my son when his bum was bleeding from all that acid poo... we used cornstarch. After I would clean the area, I would just pour a spoonful directly on the skin. It worked like a charm! I hope it does the trick for your little one too. Good luck!

Liz said...

Thanks so much for the cornstarch tip - I have been doing this and you are correct, it is a wonder. Like I said, the curing of the rash is not so tough, it's the recoccurance every day when she "goes". Thanks for letting me know someone else went through it too - that helps a ton!

Lisha said...

Ooo ooo ahh ahh Lucy :)
Love, Chloe & Lily Jacoy

(Jack has 8 teeth and besides being a real baby about the whole thing he avoided the monkey butt - the girls aren't so lucky!)

Love you guys,