Friday, June 19, 2009

Tookie and Grandpa

Letters from Grandpa Mike

My dad sends these often and they are obviously very special to Henry and Lucy. Henry keeps his in a Superman lunch box and sometimes at bedtime asks to read them instead of a book. Growing up with letters like this, small books written and illustrated for us, pencil drawings of us as babies, and his way of seeing both the art in science and science in art is one of the top 5 things I love about my Dad. An early Father's Day shout out.

A thank you to these two is long overdue. My Mom and Dad took Henry and Lucy to the Beach House while I went to Charlotte and they had the best time, so I could too! We love you guys over here and are looking forward to another visit from Tookie on Monday. We just can't get enough!


jessica said...

this is precious! Way to go Mike for your incredible creativity. Happy Father's Day!

Freeman said...
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Freeman said...

Liz - I'm pretty sure I enjoy writing/illustrating Henry's letters even more than he enjoys reading them. It's a win/win. Dad (GrandpaMike)

Ali said...

Mike is so cool. I have kept a letter he wrote us before we built the house in Creswell. He is just awesome.

Doozyanner said...

Liz, your dad's cousin Sue here--I came across your blog on my mom's computer a while back and check in from time to time to see what your beautiful children are up to. My daughter Katie told me it's bad form to lurk too long without saying hi. :-) My sister Arlene also says hi--she tried to post a comment but it didn't go through. Your children are gorgeous! I think Henry is about the same age as Arlene's granddaughter Jadyn.

Anonymous said...

Liz -this reply is from Mimi....looks like your dad is very handy....pls have him come over and fix her mouse!!!!

Also Mike Walsh says that he would like henry to come over to his place and fix his bathroomm door!! Henry handles the saw really well.

love mimi