Sunday, September 6, 2009

C'mon Baby!

We made Malia spicy chicken wings last night and fed her cookies high in baking soda, balsamic soaked bread and even dirtied her house just so she could expend some energy and try to get Charlie to make his appearance in the world. How nice of us? When I left her house I saw a huge, low in the sky, full, harvest moon. Amazing. I took these pictures hoping to show Charlie photos of the moon on the night he was luck. But I did make the boyfriend leaving our neighbors house very nervous as it appeared I was following his car down the street with 2 kids and a camera after dark. What was he feeling guilty about? You can see his tail lights in this picture, I think he was deciding whether to get out and 'mess with mama' or not. C'mon Charles - get to it!


malia said...

Please Charlie, please listen to your Auntie Liz...Will always cries "I want Liz" when he is in trouble and crying so maybe Charlie's only motivation will be to meet Lou. I hope it works!

Heidi Bruch said...

Hurry it up, Charles! I want to meet you before we head outta town!