Saturday, September 19, 2009

Perfect Night in Puyallup

When we pulled the stroller out of the car our tire was blown. We both said "shoot" but knew there was no going back. It turned out to be a perfect evening out with the Torrone's. Henry and Will were totally into doing the rides all by themselves, Charles was so quiet in the bottom of that Phil&Ted's that John didn't even know he was with us until about an hour into our trip, and Miss Lou was pretty much a perfect lady on the loose. I still am not sure how we survived without a stroller for 4 hours, but we did it and even snuck Lucy on the train telling the ticket taker that she was 2. See, I knew having these huge kids was going to pay off someday.


Lisha said...

Love your hair. Love Lucy's jeans and love your big kids! See you soon! Oh and the no stroller thing at 3 years old gives me hope.

Ali said...

Awesome photos! And I love your hair Liz :).