Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight is dedicated to one Mrs. Briggs of Lakewood, WA. She used to walk into TCGC with her freshly washed and curled do, her 10K (at least, it was more like a finger-bobble) ring and her husband with oxygen tank in-tow. She'd have barely sat down when she would address a waitor and declare boisterously, "Champagne!", saying nothing else. The waiter brought her husband a bowl of popcorn swiftly, although he never spoke. I learned tonight that Mr. & Mrs. Briggs both passed away a year or so ago, but I will forever order Champagne! at the Club in honor of these quirky two who seemed to have life finally figured out.

Tonight I enjoyed two glasses with at least 4 peices of unbelievable pizza at TCGC's Pizza Night with 5 of my favorite people. It was a good night. Champagne!


Freeman said...

That's a lovely story ... I like that. Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Briggs!

Megan said...

I like that too! In fact I had a couple of glasses of champagne yesterday as well...here's to snow days, Champagne, and of course Mr. and Mrs. Briggs!!!

jessica said...

I love this story too!
Cheers to a great memory of them, and an always-fancy glass of champagne!

Love you :)