Sunday, November 7, 2010

Too Busy Shopping to Post

Not only have I been too busy shopping to post, I've been too busy getting ready to go shopping to post.  Came to Portland this weekend with my good friend Angie and her sister/my new good friend Nikki.  We have had more fun than I think we were prepared for. 
  1. I have worn them out sufficiently on the streets of the Pearl, Downtown, NW 23rd, Sellwood, and Broadway shopping districts, being accused of hurring them along at a foot-aching pace. 
  2. We've eaten fairly extroardinary lunches and dinners, complete with champagne at nearly every stop. 
  3. We had drinks at a bar that I'm pretty sure was the spaceship enterprise where I ate a kobe meatball off the floor and watched people walk into mirrors: Departure at the Nines
  4. We watched a model play with a giant white boa at Lu Lu Lemon on Couch St. 
  5. We sung along to "I am 16 going on 17" from the Sound of Music in the car on the way to pick up my highschool friend Danielle for dinner.  She did not know what had hit her.  
  6. We had dinner at the Best Italian restaurant: A Cena any of us have ever been to. 
  7. We've eaten an entire box of vanilla wafers and package of black liccorice.
We were a Stumptown whirlwind and now we are going home, with some treats for our families and a few things for ourselves too.  This was seriously good fun.


jessica said...

how wonderful Liz!
glad that you had this little escape for some serious power shopping.

Gabrielle and I loved the time with Henry and Lucy. They are delightful little humans! Things you could have witnessed here this weekend were Henry and Grandma having a competition to see who could withstand the winds at the headland, bubble blowing on the bluff, petting baby lions, Gabrielle and Henry taking a bath together, and so much more :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lizzie! Next I'd like a post listing all the good stuff you actually bought (so I can forget my big, pregnant self and live vicariously through you for a moment...
Fashion details please! :)
x em

katylou said...

So funny...I have had this idea planned in my head with girlfriends too. In fact, just tried calling my gal this morning to see if she could do this exact trip. Weird! Thinking of taking the train...did you drive? You are so lucky! Glad it turned out wonderful!

Sarah said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I was actually about to text you yesterday to see where you have been:)

Angie said...

Lou, thank you for having us! It was such a fun weekend; although, I could have gone without the box of Nilla Wafers and licorice, both of which I'm pretty sure I ate all myself!
It truly is amazing that I can ran a marathon on a whim, but two days of shopping left my legs aching more than anything I can ever remember. ;)
As for Danielle, she FOR SURE didn't know what hit her... singing along to The Sound of Music in the car definitely topped it off. Watch out Julie Andrews. LOL! Love you lots. Ang xo

Nicole Granger said...

I had JUST got the song out of my head and now it is back as loud and clear as ever! LOL, What happened to dancing on bars and jumping on stage with the band? Now I am in a mom mobile singing along like I am on the hills of Austria! Thank you Liz for making my bday so memorable with you and my sis! Your parents house is as charming and welcoming as you! xoxo Nikki Granger :)