Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Windy Weather Weekend

While John and I were busy shopping and golfing (deadbeats), Grandma Pati and Grandpa Al took the kids to the beach with them (thank you).  There are really too many good pictures to post, but these three capture what I know was a fun day because Henry is still talking about it and Lucy is still catching her breath.  There is an especially windy bluff off the main road, Pati and Henry had an endurance contest while Lucy and Al got back in the car.  I think this is a particularly fun Grandparent story to lock away in their memory banks.  Thanks for the photos Aunt Jess, I assume Gabrielle was promtly back in the car as well.  :)


Sarah said...

So fun that you guys snuck away for the weekend! I love the picture with Lucy and Al.

pati said...

Gramma and Grampa had just as much fun as all the grandchildren! So nice to have Henry, Lucy, Gabrielle and Jessica visit us on the Oregon Coast. Thanks for sharing your beautiful children.
Love, Gramma Pati