Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aunt Jessica's Toe

Today in our 35 week ultrasound we discovered that our little girl has a sweet little second toe that is slightly longer than her big toe. I knew this was a genetic trait, and thought all the way home from the doctor about in whom I had seen this trait in our family. Finally, I was Aunt Jessica! Well, if matching toes is any indication of our baby inheriting Jessica's genes, she is one lucky girl! Love you Aunt Jess!

The ultrasound tech was also able to take some measurements today to estimate the baby's weight. Drum Roll....nearly 6.5 lbs! My cervix is significantly thinner this week than last, so that may indicate that some activity is not too far away. But with her potentially weighing in at almost 6.5 lbs already, I'd say having her come in a couple weeks would not be unwelcome!


Jessica McDougall said...

How exciting! I can't wait to meet her. If she grows up to have size 10 shoes to go with the long 2nd toe, she's in luck!

I'm going to come to Seattle June 4-8th, can't wait to see you guys.

Auntie Jessie

Heidi Bruch said...

Being a fellow "longer-2nd-toe-owner," I love that your little munchkin has this, too! Have I mentioned that she also has THE unmistakable McDougall chin? It is crazy to see things like this in an U/S - Happy 35 weeks, Lou - one more week of bedrest - you are doing GREAT! xoxo Heidi

Ana said...

Those shoes are fabulous! Your baby girl will have a nice collection to inherit :0) When Carolina was born they had been worried she'd be too small, we kept explaining that my sister and I were only 5lbs full term.. She ended up weighing 6lbs 15oz.. which was a good size for me... Her dad was 10lbs at birth and I was hoping she wouldn't take after him! God will give us what we can handle... :0)

Ali said...

This is just the BEST news :).