Monday, May 19, 2008

Whew - Hard Working Crew!

So many helpers here this weekend: Grandma Pati, Grandpa Al, Aunt Ali, Cousin Simon, Tookie and Grandpa Mike. The men managed to power wash the patio and mount our new TV on the wall. The ladies attended a luncheon put on by Malia and Betsy to welcome Baby. Sunday, Henry helped Grandma Pati with a major weeding project in the back yard. What would I do without my hard working crew?


Ali said...

Such a good helper ;). Loved getting to see you again!

Heidi Bruch said...

Look at that sweet face - I just want to squeeze him! Had a great time Saturday - LOVE YOU.

Ana said...

Liz- It's been such a treat to read your blogs. Your Henry is absolutely beautiful, and will be a great big brother! Looks like you have lots of help, but if you ever need anything let me know. My little one loves car-trips & running errands.

Lots of hugs, Ana