Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Are on Beach Time

  • A walk to get coffee
  • Stopped at the grocery store for formula, chips and sugar cereal
  • Some gutter repair
  • 1 crossword completed
  • 5 puzzle pieces found their home
  • 1/2 movie
  • Time to make lunch

Such a good time here. We seem to be doing well at avoiding the rain. It follows just behind us on our walks and waits until we are inside to come down. Lucky. Hopefully I can post some pictures soon, but am working from Jack's computer today without a cable.


Heidi Bruch said...

That sounds like HEAVEN - counting the hours until we get there! I will have a bottle of red in tow:) xo

pati said...

I absolutely love the look of your beach cottage. Hope that everyone has a wonderful time. Missing the little ones around here at our beach place. Thank you for sharing your family. I've been enjoying all the photo and video posts on your Blog. Thank you.

Love, Pati

Jessie said...

So nice! We will be in Seaside Saturday through Monday so I will call you to see if you guys want to meet for lunch one day in Astoria.