Thursday, May 28, 2009

We're Onto Cloth

I know - I know. But I am happy to be making this change. I have thought about it a long time and finally as a result of:

  • some landfill guilt (same reason we never bought a crib, highchair, or two of our carseats - thanks for the hand-me-downs Cristina, Ali, Katey, Pati et al.)
  • how far cloth diapers have come
  • Ali and Anna :)
  • a really cool shop in Tacoma (Best Loved Baby on Proctor and S. 12th)

...we have made the switch. So far they seem easy to clean, pretty cute and best of all, the most comfortable thing Lucy has sported on her backside since birth. Don't worry Grandmas, I will ALWAYS have disposables on hand for our 'sitters'!


Sarah said...

Good for you Liz! Let me know how they work for you guys.

Heidi Bruch said...

You did it!!! Yeah for you! I had a *feeling* when we chatted this weekend that it would be soon! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

pati said...

Love Lucy's smile! Cloth or disposable is fine with me. It's so fun to be with all of you. Changing diapers can even be fun as special fun interaction takes place even on the changing table.

Love, Gramma Pati

Jessica said...

Keep the updates coming on how it goes!
Can't wait to see you soon!

Happy Day to Jack today!