Monday, February 22, 2010

On the Mend and at the Zoo

Good News: Everyone over here is feeling better today.
Bad News: We infected Will sometime during the Croup's 2-6 day incubation period. So sorry Will Will! Available to deliver Codine and/or Nebulizer anytime, free of charge!

Point D. Zoo is so fun. We've been there at least twice a week for the past two years and I'm still not sick of it. I figured out today we use our membership so often, we each pay about $0.25 per visit. Not bad...sort of makes me feel guilty, like I should make a donation or something. Maybe next year!

1 comment:

Freeman said...

that looks so fun. just bake cookies for the staff sometime Liz - they'll like that better. very fun pictures of the little 'Safari hunters' ...
love gPa
(playing around here with my grandparent name - till i find one i like. this might be it.