Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farm Table for 6... a few small children. After a couple years of talking about how I'd like a table that would fit more people, more comfortably, I drove home with one today. I'm pretty happy with this new table, it doesn't have any grooves to spill milk into, won't require guests to stradle a table leg to enjoy a meal with us, and cost about 20% of it's Pottery Barn look alike.

Our much loved, but outgrown little table was passed to John before we were married by my Mom and Dad. It was the first peice of furniture they bought when they were married and while we have loved havingt it, we will now pass it onto my sister Meg, when she moves here in June. It'll be fun to go to her house and share a meal on it there!


malia said...

whoo hoo!!! Where did you get it? How did you finally bite the bullet? Love it and can't wait to see it in person!

Heidi Bruch said...

It is beautiful! I know you will love having 6 seat comfortably at a table - we do! Now I am wishing for 8-10! Lots of fun house projects around there - we need to come check it out in person!

Sarah said...

The table looks great! It looks like there have been a lot of changes around there. I cant wait to see them in person!

Lorraine said...

So happy you found such a beauty of a table. To me there was such a feeeling of peace within me when all nine of us were seated at our big table in the evening for dinnner. Such a great time to look at, listen to and learn of the goings on of the children.
Meg will enjoy the good ol' table.
Grandma Freeman