Saturday, May 14, 2011

Go Home Henry, Go Home!


pati said...

Yeah Henry - Great slide into home base!! Your practice at Lakota paid off. :)

Thanks Liz for taking the video. It's so fun to be able to see Henry's baseball game.

Love, Gramma Pati & Grampa Al

Lorraine Freeman said...

Oh Henry, How I miss going to those games. I'm going to make it to see one of your games, somehow and hope it will be this summer. You were great and like Grandma Pati said your slide into home was just perfect. "slide in feet first, not head first"!, your Great Grandpa Cliff used to train his boys.
Love "G-G"

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! This brings me to tears. Such a simple little video, but oh how it makes me miss MY little man! Way to go Henry - you're a true champ already! Love, Aunt Suzy