Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Job and a Box Lunch

I put together these home-made box lunches for our teachers at St. Pat's today as it is "teacher appreciation week" and I was excited to finally be able to put these "civilettes" to work.  I found them at Oblation in the Pearl District last year.  Instructions on the box; Use in the event of a job well done by colleague, family or friend. and the back of each card reads, Please reuse responsibly.  Love it.


Heidi Bruch said...

Love that shop. Perfect gift and would love if you shared that scope for the potsticker salad on your recipe blog...been wanting that staple for a while. Xoxo

McDougall said...

I'll send you that one Heidi...Betsy's recipe from her catering business.

Sarah said...

Lucky ducks to be receiving such a nice lunch:) love that potstickers recipe! I think that's what you served at one of the first play groups I attended many years ago!