Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grandma Pati and Grandpa Al

While John and I were celebrating the wedding of William and Kate in Victoria, BC. (Kidding, we were there for another reason, but I couldn't help making John pose with their cut out.  The Canadians were c.r.a.z.y about this wedding, hosting a 2AM viewing in the lobby of the Empress even.)  the kids went to stay with Grandma Pati and Grandpa Al for a few days.  My favorite part of leaving those two is coming back and hearing about what they did while we were gone.  They remember something new and equally hilarious every day after for at least a week.  For example, on Saturday we learned that "real, mechanical" dinosaurs are coming to the Seattle Zoo, and Monday we heard that they got to go see Rio and that Grandma snuck in her own popcorn (yes, she makes that good a bag o' popcorn, it's true!) Sunday we learned that they both wet the same bed one night (sorry guys, hope at least Brodie held his bladder that night) and today I heard Lucy singing, "No one can tell me that I'm doin' wrong today...whenever I see your smiling face my way" (James Taylor)  Thank you both for the fun, the love and the education!

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Ali said...

They look just like a mini-liz and a mini-john. Miss you guys - really looking forward to camping.