Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Henry's Nightime Prayer

Henry's nightime prayer consists of the following:

Thank you God for a good day.

Bless "your name here" (seriously, if we have even heard of you, Henry has prayed for you)

Pray for another fun day tomorrow.

Special prayer for "totally up to Henry" (the most wild, caring, funny things come out here)

Tonight Henry's special prayer was for, "Aunt Meg, becuase she has broken arms." This happened a while ago, but I'm sure she is still feeling the wrath of these breaks and I thought it was so cool that even when I might have forgotton about her plight (sorry Meg) Henry is still thinking about her. Love that and you Aunt Meg.


Anonymous said...

May Sean and I please adopt Henry?
He's a pretty special little kid, isn't he? - Love the last two posts!
x E

Megan said...

Aunt Meg really appreciated those prayers!!! Could you let Henry know I have 46 freshmen in my last class of the day...i need some more prayers :)

Love you all!!