Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Some Kid's Daddies Go to the Park Sometimes"

This is what Henry told John this morning before he left for work. Henry's no dummy. John came home early and took Henry to his first movie at the Blue Mouse, "Up".
When asked if he wanted to go with Mommy or Daddy, you can all guess his answer. Moms are so boring. Apparently there were other bigger kids there picking their noses and squirming in their seats. Although sitting still, Henry couldn't help but ask, "what does it mean when he says that?" or "what will happen to that person now that he has done that?" or "do you think anyone will truly understand why pi = 3.14159265?" Ok, so the last one was made up to prove my point - Henry is just his own little man. So, John patiently doled out Mike & Ikes (1 per 2 minutes from what I hear) to keep Henry from talking in the movie.
Good job Daddy.


Heidi Bruch said...

What a memory...certainly a keeper. xo

Ali said...

I love this story. You know Liz, this is scrapbooking (modern-day style) :). I can just hear Henry's voice asking those questions in the theater. Tell him his cousin would be chatting right along with him if he was there.