Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank You

Sitting here (of course) thinking today about how blessed we are to know all of you and for all the help we have recieved over the last 4 weeks. We are so grateful for all of it. A short list of very helpful gestures (thanks everybody - you know who you are!):

Care packages with books, magazines and crossword puzzles
Frozen or delivered dinners
Henry-sitting during my doctor's appointments
Social visits

Grandma Tookie stayed with us for a week and has returned one day a week since to vacuum, do laundry and run lots of errands for us. Henry loves to have Tookie here and so do we! I look forward to her weekly visits, wishing she lived just a little closer, so we could see her every week even after I'm off bed rest.

Aunt Megan also took a week off of work in CA to come stay and help us. Also wish we lived closer to Meg, but she is awesome about coming to visit and has done so to help us many times since Henry was born. I will always apprecaite her being with me the first week Henry was born and still in the NICU. She had and has a way of keeping me entertained and light-hearted even in pretty dramatic situations, only the way a sister can. I hope someday to be able to do the same for her when she starts her family.

Love you all!


Megan said...

OK...I'll share my favorite girly name. I wanted a Henry; I ended up with Cooper. I wanted my little girl to be Chloe so I gave up on my other favorite which was Haven. I thought it would go so cute with Henry, but didn't see "Henry" in my son. (he's a total Cooper)Haven is a family name, and I loved everything that it implied...Good luck with everything.
ps: I found you through Ali's blog. I'm a huge Simon fan.

lauren said...

I don't know how these comment things work. I posted one yesterday on the blog entry where you originally asked for name ideas and then thought you might not see it there. So here you go: Current favorite girl names are Claudia, Rowan, Evelyn and Audrey.
Best wishes to you and your little one! -Lauren (connected to your blog from Ali's recent post)