Monday, April 21, 2008

Very Special Friends

Danny and Norrine brought Henry and I a delicious pot roast last night while John had to be out for a work dinner. It was a great visit! Norrine sat and sympathized with me about being couchbound - we are cut from the same busybody mold. Every year we enjoy a weekend in Victoria together during the Olympic Logging Conference in May. We leave early, to avoid the misc. invitations to attend women's bus tours, trips to the wax musem etc. We shop all day with a latte in the morning and bagel-to-go for lunch. Norrine is definitely the best shopping partner I have come across - only one of many things I love about her. While we sat and boo-hood about missing our Victoria shopping trip this year, Danny played with Henry in the back yard. Danny is one of the best examples of fatherhood that John and I know and has been a special friend to Henry since he was born. Henry has loved staying with them when I have needed to go into work or John and I need a night out. Yesterday he couldn't stop talking about seeing the bunnies again, one of many farm-like attractions to be found at the Millers. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us and bring us dinner to boot! We love you Millers!

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pati said...

Henry really looks like John as a little guy. Thanks for sharing the photos and fun with Danny and Norrine.